Pony Wings Game

Hurry, Sprint and Plunge to Run Faster than the Sunset

Did you know that you can really outrun the sunset? Well, in Pony Wings, you aim to do just that. For anyone who are not familiar with the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series, the character Scootaloo is a juvenile Pegasus, who has to discover how to fly. In this lively sequence, she’s uncovered how to conquer this small matter. She begins to fly by utilizing her small wings to force her away from the land because her heart is set on doing what she desires.  Although, she doesn’t just depend on her wings entirely, she follows the competent movements of her reliable scooter in its place.  In this game, she utilizes roller skates that are red to capture a certain amount of time in the air; however, the idea is more or less identical.  Continue Reading

Release Date: 03/02/2012

Portal Rating: 4.1/5

Pony Wings is developed by Nicky Case.

You’re The Flight Instructor!

It’s your responsibility as her leader to assist in timing her dives and drops so that she can extend her timing during  the light of day for as long as possible.  You might collate parasprites; they offer you an additional lift in your speed.

It’s simple to learn how to play this delightful game, although it’s a lot more difficult to turn into an expert at this small, yet manageable game.  You’re able to get Scootaloo to flap her wings very quickly so that you’re prepared for a slope, or to alter her dive position, if you use the S key or the left button on your mouse.  On the bottom left hand corner of the screen, you can find a meter that controls it.  It highlights the amount of daylight you still have that can slow down or hurry up according to the speed at which Scootaloo glides through the hilltops.  You will find a bar on top of the screen; its shows you how high Scootaloo is jumping. In the right hand corner, you can see the top distance that you cover. 

You might believe that this overtake game is about attacking and advancing, but it’s not. It’s the opposite and it’s better to have an excellent time when it comes to landing Quite the reverse, it's a lot better to have a great time when it comes to your touchdowns and heightened take offs. You can miss the parasprites with no trouble if you end up jumping really high and landing flat in front of Equestria's luxurious green mountains, which means you’ll lose every bit of force, plus you’ll have no speed to take you over to the subsequent jump. Hence, you should concentrate on ensuring that every jump counts instead of hurrying things. Scootaloo might disappear off the screen if you’re not cautious with her speed, which is excellent when it concerns your velocity, although you’ll end up missing out on collating the flapping  parasprites.

Pony Entertainment for Admirers

This game is wonderful quick break filler because it combines straightforward game mechanisms and thought-provoking  skill.  Your initial attempts will possibly finish in a few seconds, however, after you become familiar with modifying Scootaloo's pushes through the landscape, you might discover that you’ve become astonishingly hooked to the clean and duplicate design of the game play. Fundamentally, it’s a more laid-back  and more attractive edition of Robot Unicorn Attack that is much more dependent on your willpower to beat your personal score. 

Having said that, it would be good to have certain methods of placing  frontrunner  board scores or to have the options to make some comparison of your scores with friends so that you can keep a log of your well-earned points. In addition, employing a range of different ways of  powering up might have included some kind of strategy aspect to the game. This would inspire diverse playing techniques and also provide a way of showing off to the enthusiasts a series that resembles  Scootaloo's signature air tricks.

Appears Very Familiar

Pony Wings is surely incredible from a creative point of view.   Scootaloo's appearance, communication and the Equestria mountain backdrops appear to look as though they’ve been lifted from the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic play. Being able to swap Scootaloo’s ride into a real scooter would have made this amazing game visual that finishing edge. Irrespective, the notion of the Attractive Mark Activist attempting to run faster than the sunset with a pair of roller blades isn’t distinct from her character, plus it is sufficient enough to justify gratitude from fans.

As for the melodies, Pony Wings utilizes an influential audio remix of the Winter Wrap Up theme, which is made by fans. The selected track successfully offers a jolly and  tranquil ambience that is suited to the speed of the outstrip-method game play.  Plus, the marvelous background is just good enough.  Furthermore,  whilst it manages to keep your mood uplifted, the twist has a way of staying with you a long time after you’ve turned your browser off.  You can always silence the volume and play something different that you’ll like if you find yourself becoming a robotic pony and you’re bored.

Our Verdict

Pony Wings could be just the ideal game for you if you enjoyed Robot Unicorn Attack and  are searching for a more technical game. It doesn’t offer the same kind of adrenaline rush as the previous offers, nevertheless, it gives you a bit of a challenge that is equaled out very well with easy and receptive controls. If you’ve never played an outrun game before, you might find that your initial attempts might be very short lived, although you will adapt to the systems really quickly.  You’ll soon become hooked to this game - It’s practically unavoidable.  Pony admirers of any age out to categorically trial out this little wonder, nonetheless, it doesn’t have a complete narrative to support it, so parents might have to include a bit of imaginative storytelling to complete Scootaloo's spur-of-the-moment venture for really young children. We give Pony Wings a flying 82/100.