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Pony vs Pony Game

Don't be a Non-believer, Play Pony Vs Pony - Battle is Magic!

Admit it: you think ponies are awesome. With their bright eyes and their whimsical, swishy tail so hard to resist, how can anything overflowing with pony cuteness ever go wrong? With its super addicting game play Pony Vs Pony lives up to its name in one, sparkly sweep. Yes, we know, and there is no shame in admitting, deep inside, you are a Brony. That is why you are here, reading this page, about this game, and you can be proud of that.

Release Date:: 09/02/2011

Available on: Browser

Critics Rating: 4.6/5

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Making Your Own (Cutie) Mark

Anyway, if you would rather not see magical equines pitted against each other in a violent bout, you have nothing to worry about. Though it does indicate "versus" in its title, pony combat is conducted strictly via puzzle format. The objective is to simply whittle down your opponent's life bar by connecting orbs on your board. To ensure that the game does not get stale quick, there are some tidbits you can do in between battles such as shop for clothes, pets and accessories to primp up your pony, pick trash talk phrases as well as add to your friend roster.

First things first, you will be asked to create your four-legged champion upon starting a game. To ensure a dandy three-word pony name, you pick from lists consisting of words like Wandering, Moonbeam, Cupcake, Fluffy, Glitter...and Pants. You will also be asked to determine your pony's gender as well as pick color for his (or her) body, eyes and hair. Provide the online nickname of your choice and you are ready to start.

Let the Battles Commence!

The puzzle element for the battles are basically in a match four format, wherein you draw a line to connect at least four orbs of a similar type. These orbs represent either: a pony attack, a defense move, or a spell move courtesy of your MagiPet. You may link vertically or horizontally with a damage increase dependent on how many you link up. Basically, the count starts at four orbs so connecting four sun types will deal one point of damage against your challenger. While connecting eight butterfly types will stack five points towards your defense wall and matching six candies will add to your MP by three.

If at any point you find all possible matches, your game board resets. More often than not, this works to your advantage as you are given plenty of same type orbs to connect. So find everything and you may just get that window to defeat your challenger in one fell swoop. Also, remember to get your speed on because Pony Vs Pony is no turn based strategy title.

Located under your pony's name, health points are represented by a pink bar connected to a heart icon. Cupcake Levels are indicated by a corresponding level and status indicator. Your best bet in maximizing the experience points and Sparkle Gems gained is definitely playing against those with a higher Cupcake Level. Coconut is the lowest, which means that an opponent is one slow pony. Go up to Strawberry level and he gets slightly harder to defeat. But for a real challenge, aim for those on the tricky Red Velvet or Chocolate levels.

Battle Stats are represented by a butterfly icon and a candy icon. The butterfly indicates how tough your defense wall is. Think of it as a shield. Your defense wall buffers the amount of damage before your health bar plummets, so every corresponding orb match stacks up for a more formidable pony.

Meanwhile, the number beside the candy icon indicates how much MagiPet Game Orbs you have stacked up. This is essentially Pony Vs Pony's version of mana or magic points. They are used to fuel your MagiPets' spells, and so are pretty much useless if you do not have one of the unbelievably cute little critters active. Magipet spells also vary in strength. Basically, the stronger the spell is, the more Game Orbs it requires --after all, with great power comes great candy cravings.

Every Pony Needs a Chance to Shine

If you are going to battle, why not do it in style? In Pony Vs Pony, you can customize to your heart's content by spending the Sparkle Gems you earn after every battle. At level one, you initially have 0 Sparkle Gems. Depending on the Cupcake level of your opponent, you may earn around a hundred and fifty Sparkle Gems. That is, if you still have some Sparkle Gem Battles available for the day. If you happen to be a non-member, a.k.a. free user, you get 50 gem battle turns at the start of the game. After that, your Sparkle Gem Battles get refreshed with five new turns per day. Members on the other hand get a hundred Sparkle Gem Battles every day, as well as a handful of other nifty stuff. This includes 50,000 Sparkle Gems to splurge on pony customization, access to the Special Mustangs Only Shop and free reign to play the upcoming Adventure Mode. Don't despair if you happen to run out of Sparkle Gem battle turns. While you forego the chance of getting Pony Vs Pony currency, you can still earn some valuable experience points for your filly.

With so much variety, shop choices are neigh-ver boring. The whimsical names sound like it too. You get to prettify your foal with lovely locks such as the Foally Fluffed Tail, Beauteous Bangs Mane or even a majorly short Flattering Flattop. Dress her up with terrific threads such as the Saucy Sailor Skirt, Perfectly Perfect Dress or the ever-so-knightly Sir Trots-Alot armor. Accessories range from simple such as the plain white Snowblown Scarf to the choice of royalty (or clowns) Royal Puff Collar. Wings? Pony Vs Pony has them. The seasonal Darkness Wings may be for you if you like 'em naughty, yet poofy, but our favorite is the utterly sweet Adorabumble Wings. Random accessories such as caps, socks, shoes and clips are also aplenty as you browse through the level-sorted wares. If you want to change your pony's facial expression or perhaps come up with an entirely new creature, you are in luck. Among the huge variety of regular and seasonal items are some tail, horn, halo and mouth options to spend your hard earned Sparkle Gems on.

Customization is Always Welcome

So, you already scraped your winnings to afford that Golden Halo, but your pony looks a tad outdated. What do you do? Well, customize it on the fly of course! Every pony deserves to look as beautifoal as possible, and so your pony's colors may be changed at any time in the Inventory section of the game. To add some more sparkle to your novice equine, check out the Level 1 Pony Shop to pick from several free customization items. Yes, you read right. Though upper tier shop items are purchased with the use of Sparkle Gems, you still get some thoughtfully chosen freebies to enjoy right off the bat. As they say, it's the thought that counts, and so this little detail definitely adds brownie points as far as we're concerned.

While these accessories serve to set your pony apart from the rest, it is worth noting that they do not add anything to your battle stats. If you are the type to forego flair for function, go for the scrumptiously named MagiPets. For starters, you get to choose between six freebie pets including the irresistably rotund Bubble Buddy, rice-ball shaped Boysenberry Pochi and the refreshingly cute Lime Ice Pop. Eventually you get access to more effective, stronger buddies as you go up in levels. The addition of a pet helper, or three, is truly something special for those who want to delve into the spell-casting element of Pony Vs Pony.

The Social Element

Another addition to this game's repertoire is the ability to add friends. If your pony pals happen to have much higher levels than you, all the better. Requiring a simple Pony ID input and approval, this is surely one of the easiest ways to consistently get good EXP. Plus, you can leave silly Trash Talk messages for your friends too. While this system is not as polished as the rest of the game, the weird word combinations may still be worth a few giggles for you. Get ready to read lines like "Cosmic Fluffy Pants rubs the belly of pygmy hedgehogs!" and the like; pure genius.

Our Verdict

To sum it all up, Pony VS Pony is not just a pretty game. It has a solid, addictive game play that even long-time puzzle game players could kick back and enjoy. Little details, such as the witty item descriptions and in-depth customization options, tie everything up in one magical package. While an extra co-op mode or two may have made this title perfect, it comes quite close. The controls are fairly simple so even young pony faithful can saddle up to enjoy the title. For those who are hesitant due to the paid aspect of Pony VS Pony, don't. With fifty Sparkle Gem battles to kick off you off, an extra five per day as well as an infinite number of EXP levels, playing the game for free is not crippling at all. If you appreciate casual puzzle title at all, launch Pony Vs Pony. You never know, it could be the sparkly gem you are looking for. We give this game a battling Pony's 92/100


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Pony vs Pony is developed by Artix Entertainment.