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You will get the opportunity to embark on a formidable trekking adventure with your stallion and explore some beautiful outdoor environments in Pony Trails. 


Pony Trails is a totally chilled and relaxed game, just as the title implies. Generally, horse related games contain a six shooter as well as a healthy dose of violence. And even though we would have probably appreciated the chance to slaughter the odd cowboy at some stage, we weren’t disappointed with Pony Trails for not feeding our intense desires.  In any case, it’s not necessary to expose young children to violence, and most people would agree that a peaceful game experience generally means a more relaxed and happier child.  Continue Reading

Release Date: 21/11/2012

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile

App Store Rating: 3.6/5

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Things tend to remain on a steady and level playing field at all times.  At no stage will you feel your heart racing or encounter any stressful moments.  Riding your horse in this game is such a pleasant experience, especially because all your journeys take place within Mother Nature’s superb kingdom. 

Game Features

Beautiful scenery - Gallop through mountainous regions, highlands and coastal tracks to take photographs of more than 35 diverse creatures. Discover branching paths and animals that only show their faces when you return at night.

Intuitive control systems - Utilise a tilt control system to direct your stallion and use your touch screen to scrub, wash and take care of your horse.

Buy new items – purchase new ponies, bridles, saddles as well as some other items with your golden coins that you picked up whilst galloping along your trail.

Get Daily Specials - discover new quests that will be waiting for you every day if you take good photographs of all the different animals.

Universal app – this game works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Enjoy a free ride –sit back, relax, and take have fun without paying anything for it.

Game Options

Basically, you will saddle up and explore some beautiful terrain, take pictures of some breath taking wildlife, buy some essential horse equipment as well as take good care of your faithful stallion in this delightful and soothing pony-sim.  Each option will be explained in more shortly.

How to Play

Pony Trails is generally a remarkably easy game to play; even young players will discover how to do things fairly quickly.  So, you have the option to take control of the game in two ways.  The first option involves shaking your device to push the pony to go faster, and it is meant to be an attempt to mimic riding your horse.  This may take you a bit of practice before you get it right, but once you master it, you will be on your journey in no time. 

The second option involves tapping a button on your screen to speed things up a bit, and it is also about discovering how to navigate your way through all the forests and caves.  Fortunately, this is extremely easy to do – you will most likely work it out in a few minutes.

Main Tasks


You are expected to ride your pony through various trails and pick up all the golden coins that you see along the way.  This task is not demanding in any way - all you have to do is ride past the coins, and you will end up picking them up automatically. The more you can handle your controls, the better.  Try to stay on track at all times; otherwise you will end up in a bush and not be able to pick up enough coins.


Every day, you will be given a new quest with challenges like “collate 15 coins” or “take 4 photographs of different animals.” More appealing, nevertheless, are the tasks that inspire you to explore because every trail will offer you the choice to follow diverse tracks and paths in the level. The things that you get to do could change depending on the time of the day, which means that you will only be able to complete some of your quests in the evenings.  This is because some animals can only be found in the dark.

Taking Photographs

As you have already gathered by now, you will get the chance to take plenty of stunning photographs, regardless of the trails that you select.  We found ourselves taking pictures every few minutes simply because we were so impressed with all the scenery.  We are hoping that our photography skills improve with time so that we can earn even more money to buy a few extra ponies to add to our collection.

The good thing about this task is that you will receive a set number of stars for each photograph and when you manage to collate enough stars you will unlock some exciting new trails. This means, the more photographs you take, the better it is for you. We have to say that our photography and observational skills are undoubtedly negligible, which clearly explains why we got only one star for the jack rabbit.  This does not mean that we only took the odd photograph, however.  We snapped away at any given opportunity.

Cleaning your Beloved Pony

Pony Trails Game: cleaning your pony

A horse that is particularly muddy and uncomfortable after trail riding has a tendency to move more slowly and cannot gallop or trot as much.  Therefore, you will need to give your horse some tender love and care and clean it regularly using a touch interface.  You will sponge your horse down with soap to start off with and then hose off all the bubbles.  Once you have done this, you will brush the horse to give it a neat finish.  Part of the cleaning process also includes removing any dirt and rocks from their precious hoofs so that they can ride without experiencing any pain.  Do this task gently because you don’t want to hurt your horse in any way.

You will earn money for keeping your pony clean, and it is a lovely little mission on the side that stops things from getting a bit monotonous. We found this activity incredibly therapeutic and relaxing and wanted to clean our horse even when he wasn’t that dirty. Furthermore, your horse is not unruly at all and will allow you to clean him without resisting.  You might get the odd tail waggle, but apart from that, he is very well behaved.

You don’t have to worry about where all the cleaning equipment will come from because all the tools that you need are provided to you already in the game.

Shopping & Accessorising

If you wish to take a break from trail riding, you could always do a bit of shopping and buy some intriguing items to dress up your pony.  You could purchase a saddle, bridle, or a blanket at the storehouse to make your horse certainly look the part.  In addition, you could spoil yourself and splash out on a Shetland if you genuinely wanted to.  Although, you will need to earn yourself $4700 to be able to do this. 

You also have the option to buy other adventuress horses too, including a stunning Falabella at $15,000, an adorable Arabian at $20,000, and a mild Mustang that is going for a reasonable $9,000.  We’re hoping to splash out on an Arabian simply because he looks so irresistible, and we can’t wait to show him off to our friends.  We have been bragging about owning our own horse them, and you could probably get away with doing the same too. 

Our Opinion

This game is heavenly, particularly for young gamers who adore ponies and horses. However, it isn’t always plain sailing, mainly because of the control system. As mentioned, you have two control choices - shaking your device to push the pony to go faster, or  tapping a button on your screen to speed things up. Speeding up is not a serious issue, however, relying on a tilt control system is. It only works properly after a bit of time and practice, and you have to sit in a steady or static position most of the times if you want to keep yourself on track.  This means that you do not have as much flexibility when it comes to playing the game in different environments. For instance, lying on a sun lounger, or even playing whilst on a bit of a bumpy bus ride simply does not work out that well. You will find that your horse will end up in a bush or a small lake somewhere if you try to play the game whilst you’re on the go.  We feel that a d-pad – that is virtual of course - may have felt a lot less realistic; however, it would probably have been a bit more useful at specific times.

On a positive note, taking pictures of jackrabbits when they gallop past you is strangely calming and it is feels great playing something that is not as fast-paced, or as brutal as so many other games.

Visuals & Acoustics

Pony Trails Game: Trek through beautiful landscapes

When it comes to the visuals, Pony Trials is certainly very eyeing catching and deserves top marks.  You could be observing the sun whilst glancing from a valley, ride past some stunning mountains, or simply pass by a noticeable farm with so many cute animals – all the scenery looks spot on, and you will feel as though you are getting a real life experience.  

The background music works exceptionally well with the overall theme of the game – it’s peaceful, and it may even send you to sleep if you’re not careful.

The Good Points

The visuals are stunning all throughout the game and make you feel as though you actually are situated in a natural environment.  We especially like the waterfalls and all the lovely rabbits hopping along.

There are different trails that you can choose to ride along ranging from mountainous regions, coastal lines, to a plateau trek.

You will get a relaxing and soothing gaming experience overall. 

All the horse equipment that you come across in the game is basic but seriously cute.  We ended up buying all the available items for our horse because the saddle, bride and blanket all look wonderful.  Moreover, we kept washing our horse more often, which wasn’t really necessary because we liked the feel of the hose pipe and horse brush.  Thankfully, the pony didn’t mind us doing this!

The Bad Points

The game options lack some variety and anyone seeking a bit of a thrill will probably get bored after a couple of rides.

The tilt screen control option can be a bit difficult to handle, which means that you end up steering your horse off track often and miss collecting some valuable golden coins.  It feels more like a treasure hunt at times rather than a trekking game.

Our Verdict

Your enthusiasm for this particular game will depend on your own passion and love for ponies and your desire to explore different terrains. Even though, the daily quests provide Chillingo's game with some much needed variety, you shouldn’t expect to get your heart racing whilst playing Pony Trails. Therefore, it is perfect for all casual gamers who are really into checking out gorgeous scenery and taking photographs at a leisurely pace whilst riding.

Pony Trails Game: Take Photographs

We didn’t honestly know what to expect from Pony Trails, however, in its understated and modest way, it does deliver a totally divert, escapist and pleasurable experience. Even though we were searching for a bit of an adrenalin buzz this week on our iPad, we were more than satisfied with a calmer gaming experience.  Appreciating some marvellous scenery is exactly what you need from time to time. 

We believe that this game deserves a 73/100

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Pony Trails is developed by Chillingo.

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